Photoshoot Art Direction

Diesel Timeframes are a licensed product designed by Fossil Group. Many of their campaigns include timeframes, but seasonality and web presence is marketed also by Fossil group with the same attitude of Diesel proper.

Take on Me
Diesel's flagship time pieces got a wash of color that took its inspiration straight out of the mid 80's. Influenced by the product design, a web campaign was created based on A-Ha's iconic 1986 music video "Take on me". 
I created the concept, along with a few others for Diesel's consideration, and as most of their campaigns had only appeared in photorealistic settings it was unexpected to hear how excited they were to proceed with the "illustrated" look that would transform once interaction occured.
We took the concept sketches into the studio and shot the watches in the final position, then worked backwards in post to give them settings.
Comic books and vintage music video served as a large inspiration for this web campaign
An iconic music video scene recreated with watches.
The final slide on the landing page, showing the whole lineup of timepieces.
Be Stupid
One of Diesel's most popular and controversial campaigns of recent years "Be Stupid" had been un full swing when this colorful solid color silicon timepiece line was to be released.
After combing through the campaign I thought, how could I make these watches, be stupid? I then came up with the concept of assigning the reason they are all one color is because they had just been painted.
Its a messy job, but someone had to do it.
Freshly painted left to dry
Full lineup of "Tintillating" product line
Studio Mixer
This campaign was a success story of the branding creating a story so much bigger than what was just asked of us.
When asked to create branding based on the line of time pieces, I was inspired by the analog knobs, lights and dials from a mixing board, and we branded the line "Studio Mixer"
From there we created an interactive presskit where all the controls were taken from analog photos, and I even wrote music that played in the background.
Diesel loved the concept so much, they supplemented our design with printed presskit collateral, including faux Studio Mixer branded 8-trak packages and other display for windows and POC, worldwide.

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