Digital Experience Concept & Design

Macy's Flagship store in Herald Square created an entire floor dedicated to Millenials and knew that its success would greatly rely on digital to make an impact on customer experience.

Design for such a unique and iconic retail location, required a spectacle of sorts with digital content. Any experience worth installing would have to be big, bold and right for not just the American millennial audience, but the also the camera happy tourist.
Selfie Wall
The first experience was developed when the intersection of the two markets was analyzed, and The Selfie Wall was born.
Users can select a Macy's branded scene from the touchscreen at right and then are instructed to stand in front of the video wall to photograph/instagram or snapchat themselves in unique settings. Guests might choose to appear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, or other iconic New York locations. 
The Selfie Wall experience
The Selfie Wall experience with Thanksgiving Day Parade content
An alternate angle of the selfie wall in use.
The Social Touch Wall
In a space with a lot of dwell time, and plenty of millennial it was only natural to create a wall that allowed visitors to both create and explore.
We designed an experience that let customers post their own Macy's experience and content with the hashtag #Macyslove. They can also explore all of the things others have posted on a grand scale (25'w X 5'h).

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