Haikus are easy
but sometimes they don’t make sense

A haiku is one of the most simple forms of poetry.  It is a Japanese style poem comprised of 3 lines consisting of 5 syllables, then 7, then 5 again and is oft about nature. At the end of a 6 week study on the forms of poetry back in high school english class, I got a little tired of following all of the conventions and took a little creative license.  Little did I know that it would work so well on a t-shirt.  I have since seen this copy translated to Japanese written even on bathroom stalls. It can be seen adorning the Threadless office as one of the top 10 best selling t-shirts of all time.

It’s dangerous to go alone…

While visiting Threadless in Chicago and wandering the streets late at night, a friend pondered what her mother’s reaction would be had she known that we were out so late in a different city. The following design was part of my actual response.

A joint love for lethargy

This design was a surprise collaboration with the incomparable Olly Moss. It turns out, he and I both enjoy music more than sports. He helped to typeset and give life to this concept.

Disney Inspired, Disney Liscenced

Disney’s Tron is a much beloved cult classic, and what was sparked from an old arcade cabinet in a music venue in Denton, Texas (RIP Rubber Gloves) turned out to be one of’s fastest selling products of all time.  Everyone wanted a chance to look like Tron Guy, but without the spandex. (Even Tron Guy). The initial blue Tron design (entitled “My Other Ride was a Light Cycle”) was so popular, Threadless asked me to produce the red Sark version. I was featured by countless blogs including, Gizmodo, fashionably geek, and Collider.

Disney became aware of these designs and were so impressed by the execution that instead of ordering a cease and desist, they agreed to license the art, and started what became a very lucrative partnership with Threadless.